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Riba tarp p0rn ir meno


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Norėjau paklaust kaip jūs atskiriate pornografinius spray nuo "meno" ?

I did some research and..
[quote]Pornography is the representation of the human body or sexual activity [b]with the goal of sexual arousal[/b].[/quote]
[quote]exploiting Lust.

If the seller/producer 's original intention is to exploit/get people to Lust, definitely pornography. Pornography producers want you to lust, that is what they exploit.

If for the sake of art / beauty, then the goal is not to make people Lust. People may still end up lusting, but the original intent was not for that. Some pictures can be taken artistically without lust as primary objective.[/quote]

Taigi jeigu aš nenoriu jūsų sujaudinti tai nėra pornografinis spray.

[quote][u]Pornography. That which excites, whether from approval or disapproval.
Leonard Rossiter[/u][/quote]


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[quote author=Deividukas ^^ link=topic=477.msg9942#msg9942 date=1376142278]
[quote author=iFiXas link=topic=477.msg9915#msg9915 date=1376077691]
DAT spray XDDD
Nu tikras mazvaikis , kas cia juokingo? wau pamatei papa eik tu na ziaurus esi.
[/quote]agirdi mazvaiki ne is papu juokiuos tu gerai isiziurek tarp tu papu viena spray

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