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Got banned from public server


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Your Nick and steam ID https://steamcommunity.com/id/relodsez/ , my nickname - relods

When did you get hit by which map and where you served? - So it was in de_mirage, in like 9th round, i only played 4 to 6 rounds in this server. This was my first time in here. (the time is in ban, so you can find demo of that map)

What did you do before getting the ban - So hello, i came in server 10 minutes before i was banned by admin nekka, i really dont know why. I usually play in Latvian servers, but this time they were empty so i found close server with ok ping/latency. I was just playing and i got banned. I dont know why seriously.

Which admin do you  punish  ? - https://bachuruservas.lt/sb/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:193815437&advType=steamid&Submit (you can see it there, he is a new admin, i was reading hes admin application, seems like a cool guy, but a bit too cocky, i think he didnt even spectate me, and banned me.

I have no demo bc i didnt think it would happen.

P.S - I made my profile public, so you can see everything, i have almost 2k hours and global elite rank 🙂 

Im sorry if this topic isnt right, but u get the point - I was banned for literally nothing 


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5 minutes prieš, nekka pasakė:

Hi @relods i was spectating you for 10min and your shots looked strange at times but this is also my mistake because i didint check your profile which almost contains 2k hours.

17 minutes prieš, Antifr33z3 pasakė:

Hi there,

Everything is fine, topic is right. Nekka will "tell the story" from his point of view.

@nekka 🙂


So, what happens now? Do i get an unban or what? 😞 

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22 valandas prieš , Antifr33z3 pasakė:

Today we will review your demo. Just keep your eye on this topic and wait for our final decision 🙂

Hi again, so we decided to unban you, like I said it was my mistake.

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