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Dėmesio! Serveryje jau galima išbandyti !ws komandą ir žaisti su jūsų mėgstamais ginklų skinais! ×
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Hello, even though I dont play here too often, would be nice if I could have some other admin look at the demo,as this is one of the more populated(i.e. not dead) pubs in eu.

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[quote author=Nope link=topic=1392.msg17271#msg17271 date=1488147890]
Ye, man loads of people call me a hacker on publics. Weird because I'm not even that good(lvl 6/7 on faceit), you'd think people would have seen plenty of players way better than me.
[/quote] for now im unbanned you. later on we will see

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